Every country in this world aspires to save energy and, in the process, become energy efficient. Based on this intention, India’s Government created an agency called ‘ The Bureau of Energy Efficiency.’ The main objective of this agency’s formation was to increase energy efficiency by enabling delivery mechanisms for every sector in the country.



Awarding Bee ratings – Explained

Every electronic appliance needs to carry a Bee rating. The Bureau decides on such Bee ratings in the following manner:

  • The manufacturer decides to launch a new product on the market.
  • The Product must be sent to the National Accreditation Board For Testing and Calibration Laboratories a.k a. NABL to have it tested.
  • NABL has many such labs that are accredited by them and fit for conducting such tests.
  • NABL tests these products under ideal conditions that the product would be placed in once it hits the market.
  • The results are then extrapolated on its performance across different seasons and weather conditions.
  • NABL arrives at the values after such extrapolations and assumptions adjusting them for working hours.
  • The end values reached are the ‘ Annual Consumption of Electricity. ‘
  • The tests performed are on a single day and is a shorter process than one may imagine.

Determining Star Ratings:

With the tests done and the value of consumption arrived, the next step is to decide on the Star Ratings.

This process would involve the following procedure:

  • The essential point is that star ratings vary between categories. 
  • Every appliance and its categories follow a unique method of computation.
  • Power consumption is called Input, and the definition of output would differ from product to product. Ie. Cooling capacity is the air conditioner’s output, whereas the fan’s output is air delivery.
  • After the input/ output calculations are arrived at, the same product’s market analysis is calculated. Such a computation helps arrive at a bell curve distribution.
  • The 10 percent lying at the bottom are removed from the set of numbers, thus eliminating the abnormality.
  • The remaining 90 percent is then split into five categories.
  • The elimination of the 10 percent results in improving the overall efficiency every time.

Benefits of Having a Good BEE Rating:

  1. Customer support enhanced:

When your product achieves a BEE Rating, all your customers are aware that you strive to produce the best quality product in the market, and you would receive their support as they become patrons of yours.

  1. A stepping Stone:

When your products earn a BEE Rating, it projects an image of your performance and your standing in the national scenario. It would serve as a natural performance on how you propose to plan for the future from thereon.

  1. Better priced raw materials:

Better the BEE Rating, better the sales. Better the sales, better the profits. The increase in your purchases would allow you to bargain for better discounts than before and with lower costs, the gains would stand enhanced.

  1. Leads to market leadership:

With a lower cost of production, you would lower your prices, and business would increase. This step assures you of achieving market leadership, and all this happens because you had a high BEE Rating.

  1. Empowering Employees:

To produce top quality products, the employees also have to possess superior skills. Thus, employees’ training and improvements in their skill set would lead to excellent products and earn high BEE Ratings.

The improvement in their skill set would lead to their promotions and a better salary, thus enhancing their status in society. Moreover, the moral factor is heightened. All these factors would prove that you have succeeded in your HR development and may attract fresh talents who would wish to work in your organization.

  1. Part of the strategy and not a goal:

A BEE Rating is not an objective but a part of your strategy at the inception itself. The sooner you achieve the BEE Rating; the faster your development.

  1. A Marketing Tool:

A company has to spend tons of money on advertising the product. With a high BEE rating, the product is automatically marketed. Your Company would be listed on the BEE directories, and this information is accessible to one and all.


Q1.What is meant by BEE Star rating, and how does it help?

ANS: BEE rating, in simple words, can be defined as the standard of efficiency. The electronic products are rated between one and five stars, and the higher the star rating; the lower would be its consumption of energy or electricity.

Q2. What is meant by MA star ratings, and do they differ from BEE ratings? 

ANS: MA star ratings pertain to the Medicare beneficiaries and their families. In other words, ratings are given to Medicare health along with the medication plans. Bee Ratings are associated with Electronic products only that consume electricity. 


BEE educates the customer on what to buy and which to avoid. Savings in energy lead to overall national growth and reject products that carry false labels.