5 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 10,000 in India | July 2023

Want to buy a refrigerator under Rs 10000 in India? Then you are landed at the right place. When it gets very hot in summer then we realized that how important is having one fridge at home. But whether it’s winter or summer we always need one refrigerator to keep our food and fruits fresh all the time. But when it comes to buying a budget refrigerator than we always looking for brands. This time we have made a perfect list of refrigerators for your home. The list is compiled from top brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, and Godrej.

Buying Guide

The best refrigerators under 10000rs in India have multiple features with different types available in the market, such as single door, double door, triple door, and more. In the years 2017, 2018, to 2021, every refrigerator brand has performed well with different features, and day by day, the technology is renovating.

  • Capacity

Capacity is considered the main part before buying a refrigerator because it depends on the size of family members. Capacity is mainly a measure in Litres. The lowest and the highest capacity of the range have increased these days enormously. The capacity for small fridges is 150-250, for large fridges it depends on 250-500 liters and for big refrigerators with a capacity of 550 to 850 liters.

  • Space

While choosing a fridge, users always have to calculate the size of their house and the amount of space available for them to set a refrigerator because most of the shortage of space occupies a staircase or elevator. The doors of the fridge should be open and close freely, so before setting a fridge, it’s important to measure the size of the room and then buy it. Also, users have to keep in mind that there should be a gap between the wall and the fridge as it needs at least some space at the top and back to permit heat to escape comfortably.

  • Energy rating

Star ratings or Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) are significant in energy efficiency. The energy efficiency is depending upon the value of the star rating. This aspect will clear the units of electricity (kWh) used totally in a year. A 1-star rating fridge will save Rs 300 per year. On the other hand, a 2-star rating will save around Rs 800 a year while a 3-Star is better, which offers savings up to Rs 1200 a year, a 4-star rating ensures saving around Rs 1500 a year, and the final 5-star saving offers up to Rs 1800 a year.

  • Compressor

The compressor helps to maintain and control the temperatures inside the fridge. Small compressors for small fridges come with general compressors, whereas medium and large fridges ship with inverter compressors.

  •  Inverter compressor

Inverter compressors can run multiple speeds depending on the required amount of cooling and adaptable in nature. The machine starts with low speed and then for cooling it speeds up only which helps to be more energy efficient.

  • General compressor

General compressors start with high speed and continue with that speed in order to keep cool all the time. There is no loss in cooling and will be off only if optimum cooling is reached. For this reason, the “tick” sound is produced and is not energy efficient.

Types of Refrigerators

The types of doors totally depend upon the sizes and the design of their building, and mainly there are five types of refrigerators such as

  • Single door

The single-door refrigerators are most economical and have modest space in the freezer, and generally thinner in space. The range of the refrigerator’s capacity is 150 to 250 Litres. One door refrigerators have a very good direct cooling nature, But now in modern days, leading companies are changing and introducing new auto digital options for defrosting on these models. 

  • Double door

The capacity for double door refrigerators is generally 250 to 500 liters. Two doors refrigerators have multi features divided into two parts, one on the top and another on the bottom. The upper compartment is the freezer used to reserve ice-cream and frozen foods. In contrast, the lower compartment is used for regular use of cooling foods at normal temperature, and two separate compartments help in space to use in the freezer. Double door refrigerators are designed to use less energy consumption, and they are frost-free in nature which keeps food fresh and good. These two doods refrigerators are very energy efficient, and ship with glass toughened shelves too.

  • Triple door

 Triple door refrigerators are designed slimmer and taller than other models of single and double doors and best for fewer floor spaces homes. The capacity of three-door refrigerators is 250 to 350 liters. There are three compartments in the fridge. At the top is the freezer, the middle part is used for regular use, and the lower compartment is a drawer used to keep vegetables. These refrigerators come with free frost functions and glass toughened shelves.

  • Side by side

These side-by-side refrigerators are considered expensive models in comparison to others that were manufactured with modern technologies. The capacity of such refrigerators is 550 to 850 liters, with lots of space and with several different sections.

  • Mini

 These refrigerators are very portable as they are very tiny and offer only basic cooling to keep foods fresh. The capacity of this refrigerator is 100 liters with direct cool in nature.

In this price range, you will only get single door refrigerators but if you increase your budget to Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 then you can get double door refrigerators. So, without wasting time let’s have a brief look at the list of refrigerators below 10k.

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Best Refrigerators Under Rs 10000 in India

Summary list of Best 5 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 10000 in India (July 2023):

  1. Haier HRD-1813SR-R 181 Ltr Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator
  2. Haier HRD-1703SR-R 170 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator
  3. Samsung RR19M10C1RH 192 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator
  4. Godrej RD EdgeSX 185 PM 2.2 185 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator

Haier HRD-1813SR-R Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator

Haier HRD-1813SR-R

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 Capacity181 L
 Power Rating3 Stars
 ColorRed, Burgundy Red
 FeaturesLeather Finish Cabinet, Diamond Edge Freezer Technology, Anti-Bacteria Filter, Moist Balance Crisper, Humidity Controller
 Warranty1 Year on the Refrigerator + 4 Years on the Compressor

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Haier HRD-1703SR-R

Haier HRD-1703SR-R

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 Capacity170 L
 Power Rating3 Stars
 ColorBurgundy Red
 FeaturesAnti Bacteria Gasket, High Gloss Finish, Door Shelf, Diamond edge freezer technology
 Warranty1 Year on the Refrigerator + 5 Years on the Compressor

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Samsung RR19M10C1RH

Samsung RR19M10C1RH

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 Capacity192 L
 Power Rating1 Star
 FeaturesAnti Bacteria Gasket, Vegetable Crispers
 Warranty1 Year on the Refrigerator + 4 Years on the Compressor

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Godrej RD EdgeSX 185 PM

Godrej RD EdgeSX 185 PM

Buy From Amazon

 Capacity185 L
 Power Rating2 Star
 Features Ice Bank, Transparent, Humidity Controller, Tower LED, Deodorizer, Catechin, Moist balance crisper
 Warranty1 Year on the Refrigerator + 10 Years on the Compressor

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How to Choose The Right Refrigerator?

A fridge is among the very most essential appliances in the kitchen. It not only stores your food and beverages keeping them chilly and fresh but, it can likewise be the middle of attention in your kitchen. Train yourself on what is out there and keep a record of the features of your perfect refrigerator in regards to deciding on the best refrigerator.

There is much more than simply deciding on the best capability in regards to getting a brand new fridge. With all the latest features and advances, it is becoming more demanding and tougher to understand where to start. From measuring for fridge space (including ensuring the appliance will fit through the front door) to saving cash with energy efficiency, this guide is going to help you comprehend the choices to find the perfect fit for your house.

Quantify for the brand new Fridge:

Prevent the hassle of being unable to slide the fridge into place (let alone down the hall), where the fridge will sit consistently assess the space. Top to bottom, side to side, requiring measurements that are total will make sure that you get the best fit for your house.

Water Ice Maker & Dispenser:

There are many choices for ice makers and water dispensers, but make sure there is a water line you can join the fridge too. Once you are set with a water line, you must determine what the best fit for your family is. A tall dispenser is well suited for filling taller things like pitchers and water bottles, and a Samsung (registered company) Ice Maker is great for families that use lots of ice. Having an ice maker that outside helps with ice convenience and fast water, whereas an internal ice maker is great for saving space in the fridge. A lot of folks would rather get their water dispensed due to the capacity to filter the water before it’s consumed from their fridge.

Which type of fridge is right for you?

There are numerous styles from which to pick when deciding on a refrigerator. How much room can be found in the kitchen of one, in addition to one’s individual taste and budget will all variable into locating the right fridge.

Have you any idea the difference between side by side, bottom door French door and conventional fridges? You must be certain you’re well informed about the various alternatives accessible to make sure you get the right fridge for your house. The greatest difference is the door however there are various benefit alternatives for the door arrangement also, making it simpler for individuals and kids in wheelchairs to reach food places that are essential.

Added Fashions

There are several other fridge versions available for purchase in the marketplace while much less popular than the four fashions mentioned previously. Streamlined or ” miniature ” fridges are popular for college students, office spaces, or simply for an added space to put away refrigerated goods in a home. Miniature refrigerators could have no deep freezer in any way or tiny deep freezer space, determined by the make and version.

There are freezerless refrigerators available for purchase too, which are made up completely of refrigerated space to keep fresh foods chilly. This really is perfect for those who already possess a freezer unit that is separate or simply decide to not freeze foods in any way. Lastly, refrigerators meant especially for wine and other drinks are owned by many individuals. Wine refrigerators that are typical (wine cellars or also called wine coolers) are compact in size and are constructed to regulate the temperature to the right amounts at which wine is usually appreciated.

Energy Efficiency

Many appliances are ENERGY STAR(registered company) qualified. ENERGY STAR standards need 20% improvement over foundation BEE standards. Be sure to appear to see if the appliance has an energy star rating when you go looking for a brand new fridge.


From compact refrigerators with 4 cubic feet of space to bigger fridges with more than 26 cubic feet, there are many choices for food storage. The key will be to get the perfect size to keep enough food for your own family as well as you, but answering that question is more difficult than it looks. Each family has its very own distinctive eating customs; others could be a single couple with no kids, where some may have 3 growing adolescents who are always eating.

So judging simply by sharing a capacity guide just how much space you have is challenging, however, a typical family of four will probably be great with a fridge that quantifies 25 cubic feet or more. The best method is to look inside. Be sure to open the doors and examine just how things are ordered when shopping for a brand new fridge. Can the ledges take out be repositioned or slid out of view? Can you meet tall things like drink containers? Can you meet broad things like birthday cakes or pizza?


There are many fridge attributes to select from, including drawers that let you vary temperature and digital water dispenser readouts. The same as an ability, what attributes are correct for you to depend on what you’re looking out for in a fridge.

So, Guys, this is a list of the best refrigerator under Rs 10000 in India. Hope you like the article and got your choice of refrigerator.


Q1. Which refrigerator brand is most reliable?

The most reliable brand refrigerators are Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, Bosch, Hotpoint, Air Roper, and Amana Kitchen.

Q2. Which brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

Godrej Eon refrigerator brand lasts long and one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the market. This brand was there when the refrigerator revolution made a wave in India.

Q3. Which is the best refrigerator for home use?

Well, every refrigerator brand is good with its performances. It’s difficult to pick one among them, but LG 260 L Frost Free star Refrigerator (GL-l292RSFL) is considered the best refrigerator for home use.

Q4. Is it worth repairing a 15-year-old refrigerator?

Less than eight years old refrigerator is considered repair but refrigerator more than 15 years old is considered replacement not repair.

Q5. How much max capacity fridge can I find under 10000?

Refrigerator under 10000, the maximum capacity of the fridge is 190 Litre or 170 Litre or 195 Litre or 180 Litre or 52 Litre or 90 Litre or 87 Litre or 46 Litre and more.