Laser vs Inkjet Printer – What is the difference?

A laser printer and inkjet will always be suitable choices for consideration anytime you are out looking for the best printers to buy. Even though they operate in a very different way, they will be well suited to satisfy your printing needs; therefore, read keenly through this laser printer vs. inkjet comparison to make informed choices on the best one to choose. This article will furthermore help you determine the exact cost of the type of printer you want to buy as well as its expected performance.

Laser vs Inkjet Printer: Which Printer Is Right for You?

Laser vs Inkjet Printer

Laser vs Inkjet Printer


To begin with, a laser printer will cost less for its units, while an inkjet will be a bit expensive as the cost of its units exceeds those of the laser. This means that it will be cheap to print, scan, copy, and scan with a laser printer as compared to an inkjet, which should be a key consideration for those people running big printing businesses.

Color vs. Black and White

The same applies to the shipping of the printers and their units as their shipping costs will vary accordingly. Another difference to know in this laser printer vs. inkjet comparison is that the inkjet can come up with colored prints while the laser print only offers black and white print outs.

Laser Printer vs. Inkjet

The print speed and text quality of a laser printer and inkjet vary a lot, which is also highlighted in this laser printer vs. inkjet comparison. Laser printers are always faster than inkjets printers, which are a bit slower concerning the number of pages printed in a single minute. Their printing platforms are more or less the same; therefore, their text’s quality is not very different.

However, this might differ when it comes to printing black and white as well as colored text where quality is not the same. Colored print outs are mostly of high quality than black and white prints which you should be sure to consider whenever making a laser printer vs. inkjet comparison.

Printing Photographs

Whereas inkjets are suitable for printing photographs, laser printers are also well suited for use anytime you want to come up with complete text. Your photos will be well blended once you use the inkjet since it comes with special ink and papers designed for that purpose. The laser printers are well designed to produce precise text with their color text being as perfect as ever.

This printer furthermore comes with additional graphics to make the text more attractive and readable. Comparing further laser printer vs. inkjet, the latter can print on any paper regardless of its size, color, and texture, while the former deals with specific types of paper that they can write on.

The printing capacity of an inkjet is deficient as compared to that of laser printers, which is a significant feature of the laser printer vs. inkjet comparison. Regardless of the type of inkjet you buy, it will not be able to handle a massive amount of papers as its input capacity is very low.

They are, therefore, suitable for use in small businesses or offices where minimal printing is required. On the contrary, laser printers can print a lot of papers at a go since they are well designed to handle large printing jobs.