Refresh Rate Explained | 60 Hz, 144 Hz & 240 Hz

PC Gaming is really on hype these days. People are making their own custom build PCs to make the best of their PC and it also remains cost-effective. The PC Gaming experience becomes good only when the overall hardware is good and everything just matches up what we call a good experience. However, people tend to save money in monitors since they think it is not that essential part and any monitor will work. But a good quality monitor plays an important role while giving an overall good gaming experience. Especially the high refresh rate monitors which are in real trend these days. So here we have an in-depth comparison between the 60 Hz vs 144 Hz and 240 Hz monitors.

Refresh Rate Explained

Refresh Rate Explained

Monitors with 60 Hz Refresh Rate

Most of the monitors in the market are having a refresh rate of 60 Hz which is the ideal refresh rate for any kind of display. The 60 Hz refresh rate is the ideal spot on which normal people like you and us work on. However, if you play a game on these monitors it will give a good experience which should suffice the fantasy of gaming. Speaking of a 60 Hz refresh rate it means that the screen refreshes 60 times per second. The overall display quality and the color accuracy remains the best when a monitor is at 60 Hz of refresh rate.

Monitors with 144 Hz Refresh rate

Well, this ain’t the ideal monitor to be sued for desigj=ning or looks or if you want accurate colors. That doesn’t mean that color accuracy will be bad but in comparison to 60 Hz, it will be a bit inaccurate. Also not only that the clarity of the display can also take a bit of hit while using 144 Hz of refresh rate display. This basically means that the screen of the monitor is refreshed 144 times per second making it an overall smoother experience like navigating the UI or playing any game that supports a high refresh rate. Well, there are many games that can go up to 300 fps considering you are running a very high-end computer. Thus, if you can run the games at more than 120FPS, you should not think twice before upgrading to a 144Hz monitor.

While going for the competitive edge, you will lose out on a bit of color accuracy. which will impact your viewing experience like videos and movies will not look as colorful as they are on the 60Hz monitor. Lastly, your computer should support the 144 Hz refresh rate as well so consider getting yourself a graphic card like Nvidia RTX or GTX series or something equivalent to this for a smoother experience.

Monitors with 240 Hz Refresh Rate

This is the rare species of monitors and is way ahead of its time. There are really very ew to pick from when it comes to picking up monitors having 240 Hz of refresh rate. To support a monitor of a 240 Hz refresh rate and a game that can run on around 200 fps you really need to push the limits of your hardware like the processor and the graphic card as well along with high-quality HDMI cables. The change from 60 Hz to 240 Hz is very much noticeable. The monitors having this insane high-refresh-rate are really expensive in the market and are kind of overkill as of now. You can buy this if you are a pro gamer and wants to have an edge over other players in multiplayer games. These are the most advanced monitors technology-wise. Acer and ASUS are one of the few brands that have launched a monitor with this high refresh rate as of now.

Final Verdict

The 60 Hz refresh rate monitor is only for the ideal purpose and is very much economical. You can play games on this and don’t expect anything extra-smooth gaming experience but you should definitely go for it if the purpose is editing and image viewing. While the 144 Hz refresh rate monitors are the sweet spot for gamers. As it is not an overkill monitor like 240 Hz monitors and it doesn’t really burn the pocket as well when it comes to buying the 144 Hz monitor. While 240 Hz refresh rate monitors are very much expensive and should buy if you have very high-end hardware and has really a solid purpose to use 240 Hz of refresh rate monitors. Our pick will be a 144 Hz of refresh monitors are the best as of now.