SSD Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best SSD in India?

Best SSD or solid-state drive is a storage unit just like HDD or Hard disk drives. It is basically a storage for your computer. It can be both internal and external. So how is it different from HDD that we had in the past? The best SSD is simply the next generation of computer storage. SSD uses a flash-based storage system which is much faster than the conventional disk setup. The read-write speeds on the SSD are incredible.

Also, they are light and offer better ruggedness. SSD’s are both internal as well as external. They offer silent operation and can be stored easily.

SSD Buying Guide:


Type of SSD

There are basically 3 types of SSD’S

  1. SATA – The Serial ATA is the most popular form of SSD. It is used everywhere. You can see it in flash drives. It’s the same concept but an SSD is significantly bigger and has better storage capacity. Also, the additional components are durable than smaller flash drives.
  2. SAS – This is mainly used mostly in the enterprise. It’s a more reliable source than HDD especially in business where they require faster data and read-write speeds. SAS is different than SATA because you can add multiple data paths which is faster and efficient. You wouldn’t require SAS unless u have enterprise equipment.

  3. PCIe – PCIe is the new form of SSD storage. It’s a result of advancements in computer technology that enabled fast SSD’s to be even faster. PCIe based storage is comparatively expensive than normal SSD’s. This type of SSD can be found in newer Apple Computers. The new Mac Pro uses PCIe based storage.

How to choose the best SSD in India?

First, you need to decide what type of storage will you need

For normal users: If carrying a hard drive for the additional storage is your requirement then you can go for a less storage capacity option like 120GB or 250GB that will be a cheaper option compared to other higher storage SSD’S

Professionals or Gamer: Professionals or gamers require higher data storage as the file sizes they carry are also high. Investing in a good quality SSD with a storage size of 500GB or 1TB is recommended. As long as reliability best SSD in India is concerned look for a SATA 3 type SSD. They will cost a bit more but they can be trusted with multiple files and saved game data.

Animators & Graphic designers: Graphic designers require faster read-write speeds in their line of work. Therefore an SSD with higher storage space is recommended. Usually, graphic designers purchase the complete rig as the processor and GPU is required to be as fast as their memory. But if you are building a pc for graphic designing look for a higher storage option. You can find it on high-end configurations. For eg. The new Mac Pro from Apple features PCIe based high capacity SSD and advanced graphic Components.